Udon. Broth. Tempura. Love.

That's the Marugame way

Udon noodles made with skillful hands in our open kitchen, unhurried broths, flavour-filled, freshly fried tempura topped with condiments to compliment. All served with love, that’s the Marugame way.

The Marugame way

Enter into the hustle and bustle of the busy udon kitchen

You'll walk into our kitchen, grab a tray and head up to the counter to see your food made right in front of your eyes. Exceptional quality and unbelievable value for money - that's the Marugame way!

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Our udon approach

In Japan, udon is a way of life

Making Udon Noodles the Marugame way is a long, time-consuming craft. Made daily from just three ingredients, wheat flour, salt and water in our open kitchen, we use our skill and intuition, harvesting a deep inner knowledge of the noodle. This is just one of our everyday rituals so that you can enjoy our udon, an everyday meal loved in Japan.

The ritual of the udon kitchen

Naturalness without pretence

Our food philosophy is inspired by ancient Wabi Sabi principles, cherishing ‘naturalness without pretence’. This means our noodles use the simplest of traceable ingredients – Japanese wheat, water and a touch of salt. Incredible to think that something so simple can be so delicious!

Udon for all

Our commitment to our vegan dishes

Our mission is to bring udon to all! We dream of udon being accepted as a part of everyday life here just as it is in Japan. And for us a part of that that means a commitment to 30% of our dishes being vegan.

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Welcome to the club

Our way of saying thank you for making Marugame a part of your everyday. Collect 'Bowl Stamps' on every visit to enjoy ongoing freebies, treats and rewards.