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Who are we?

Bringing Japan's favourite Sanuki udon kitchen to London

Marugame Udon is all about serving amazing quality udon noodles in a lively, energetic and casual environment and at exceptional value. We want to become the everyday choice for our customers and show them the excitement of this wonderful cuisine and experience. With 850 restaurants in Japan and 1250 globally we are brining our world famous udon to London. And looking for amazing team members to join us.

We were voted 14th most loved brand in Japan (one above the iPhone!) We need people like you to help us bring the Marugame love to the UK!

Our working philosophies

These five philosophies guide our mindset across the business.

They help us align our actions to ensure everything we do, every time we do it, brings Marugame to life.​ ​

Commit to earnest Udon

We never use factory-made Udon. We make our noodles from flour, Salt and Water in each of our kitchens every day with intense and sincere conviction.​

Show a little subtle thoughtfulness

Welcoming our customers with a smile, helping them understand the menu, supporting and assisting them where we can. We  demonstrate a subtle, thoughtful level of hospitality towards everyone, every visit.​

Create a lively kitchen

The lively and vibrant atmosphere is created by the team (Chimu). It feels like a small traditional noodle factory back in Sanuki that’s full of life. Our customers are excited and captivated by the skills of our team and the warm but effic

Do the right thing

We are always thinking how we can do the right thing, whether that’s for the customers our fellow chimu mates or the wider environment. ​

Provide nourishment for all

We aim to create on environment that brings nourishment through tasty udon. Also nourishment through a sense of wellbeing and an opportunity for personal and professional growth​

What is it like to work at Marugame?

You will be joining Marugame as we expand across the UK, working in a high volume, fast paced environment which will be both exciting and challenging with great responsibility. We need energetic chimu members who work well in a team both cooking and serving.

You will need to help create a lively and welcoming atmosphere for your customers where they can be served at speed with the perfect fresh bowl of Udon noodles and crispy fried tempura every time. Our drive for quality, service, warm hospitality and cleanliness will be relentless.​

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Why work at Marugame?

Be a part of the Chimu; join the Marugame team!

* Tasty free udon and tempura when you work
* 50% Discount when are not working on everything (excludes alcohol)
* 25% off for 10 of your friends and family for life!
* Ability to draw on wages earned at any point (Wagestream)
* Opportunity to become part of our head office new store opening teams
* Opportunity to grow your career with us as we expand Marugame across the UK and Europe. We are committed to growing 30% of our head office team from our restaurants over the next 12 months.
* Christmas Hampers for all

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