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Can I book a table?

We don’t take bookings at Marugame. The service style is super casual; you’ll choose your food from the counter and take your tray to a table!

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Are there vegan options on the menu?

Yes 30% of our menu is suitable for vegans.

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Where can I find allergy information?

Allergy information is available on the menu page

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How much does a meal at Marugame cost?

You should expect to spend about £10 to £12 at Marugame for a bowl of udon, a couple of extras and a drink.

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How many Marugame Udons are there around the world?

There are approximately 850 Marugame’s in Japan and a further 250 globally including the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Russia and the USA.

The Liverpool Street Marugame is the first Marugame in Europe!

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What is udon?

Udon are chewy thick Japanese noodles made from wheat, salt and water.

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How fresh are the udon at Marugame?

We made our udon in the kitchen in front of your eyes throughout the day. Your udon will never be more than 20mins old it’s as fresh as it can be!

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How is udon made?

It’s a two day process that involved mixing the dough (starting with our Japanese flour), ageing it following our two stage ageing process. Pressing, rolling and cutting. The water temprature, air temparature and humidity all affect how the dough needs to be handled. Our Udon Black Belt Kouhei Honkawa has trained all our team in the art of udon making and ensures quality on a daily basis!


This all happens in our open kitchen visible for everyone to see! Exactly how it’s done in Japan.

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Is any of the meat halal?

All our chicken is halal. In the meantime 30% of our menu is vegan so we hope this means there is choice for everyone.


Please note mirin and soy sauce are used in a number of our dishes which contain alcohol.

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How do I check my gift card balance?

Check your gift card balance here

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Can I pay with cash?

At Marugame we are cashless! You can pay by contactless or card!

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