2 Stars Food Made Good Standard

recognised by The Sustainable Restaurant Association

We are thrilled to announce that Marugame has been honoured with a prestigious award from The Sustainable Restaurant Association – 2 Stars for Food Made Good Standard for the year of 2023!

What is Food Made Good standard?

Measured across all three pillars - Sourcing, Society, and Environment

The food made good standard is the only 360-degree, holistic sustainability accreditation for F&B businesses, and is available worldwide. Our 2 stars award is a testament to the great work we’re doing for people and the planet. It also serve as an encouragement to keep working to make a positive impact.


''At Marugame, great care is paid to sourcing authentic ingredients and ensuring that you work with suppliers that share your values.''
- The Sustainable Restaurant Association


''Marugame is clearly committed to having a positive impact on staff, diners and the wider community. Marugame’s highest-scoring impact area within the Society pillar is Treat Staff Fairly, reflected in the work that is being done to ensure that parents can have flexible working patterns and that none of your staff are on zero-hour contracts.''
- The Sustainable Restaurant Association


''Marugame has taken important steps to monitor and manage its use of natural resources to reduce its footprint, such as setting targets to target and monitor electricity and water use and conducting a carbon footprint analysis of the menu.''
- The Sustainable Restaurant Association

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