Celebrate Cherry Blossom Season with Marugame

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What is Sakura?

The transient beauty of the sakura (or Cherry Blossom) is celebrated with picnics, family gatherings and the act of hanami or ‘watching the flowers’. It’s a chance to meditate on the fleeting nature of life- cherry blossom is usually only around for a couple of weeks after all!

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About the tree

Experience Hanami the Marugame way by dropping by to enjoy your udon whilst admiring our co-created cherry blossom tree. Pick up your origami petal at the till, write your wish for the new season, fold your petal and add it to the tree and watch it blossom.

These simple blooms represent the brilliance and fragility of all existence. The fact they are reborn every year reminds us that we too have that same chance.

How to fold your origami petal

We invite you to share your hopes and dreams for the warmer days ahead by adding your very own cherry blossom to our tree in a co-created artwork as beautiful and fleeting as the blossoms themselves.

Step 1

Write down your wish and fold the paper, diagonally, in half over it.

Step 2

Fold the paper in half again and reopen with the point facing upwards.

Step 3

Turn your blossom over

Step 4

Fold the points at the bottom up to the dotted line and then turn your petal over

Step 5

Fold the corners down to secure them in place and turn your petal over.

Step 6

Loop the string through the hole and hang on our blossoming tree. Don't forget to share with #MarugameBlossom

Cherry Blossom Illustration Overlay Cherry Blossom Illustration Overlay

Earn double 'Bowl Stamps'

Marugame club members earn double bowl stamps this cherry blossom season

22nd March - 3rd May

Hurry though, this offer is fleeting like the blossom themselves! Join the club now to earn rewards. Already a member? Simply scan your membership card at the till to collect double Bowl Stamps all month!

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How to make your origami petal

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Welcome to the club

Our way of saying thank you for making Marugame a part of your everyday. Collect 'Bowl Stamps' on every visit to enjoy ongoing freebies, treats and rewards.