Condiment Station

Personalise your udon your way

Our famous condiment station offers you the chance to personalise your udon your way. Here's our recommendations; or find your own style!

Kama Age

Kama Age

Try with fresh ginger, spring onion & chilli flakes

Add your condiments to your dipping dot, and dip udon by udon! Simple and delicious.

Kake Udon

Kake Udon

Spring onion & tempura batter pieces

A classic dish deserves a classic combination of personalisation!

BK Udon

BK Udon

Spring onion, chilli flakes and tempura batter pieces

The intense flavour of the BK broth can take some big and bowl condiment additions. It's perfect for spicing up with some chilli.

Yaki Udon

Spring onion and fresh red chilli

Whether you chose your Yaki udon with kimchi, beef or chicken we'd recommend adding these fresh flavours

Curry Udon

Spring onions and tempura batter pieces

Whether you have a plain curry udon (or rice) or a chicken katsu curry we stand by this recommendation. Tempura batter pieces are a great addition to the dish!

Two Pork Tonkotsu

Spring onion & fresh red chilli

This is the dish the spice lovers love; and we'd recommend really oomphing it up with some fresh red chilli and spring onion for freshness.

Tempura Egg

Kewpie Mayo

This Japanese mayo is rich and indulgent.

Sweet Potato Tempura

Curry Salt

Sprinkle just a little over your tempura

Prawn Tempura

Tonkatsu sauce

This classic Japanese sauce goes great with prawn tempura

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