About Marugame

The worlds favourite undon kitchen

Fresh and affordable udon noodles and tempura are Japan’s favourite fast meal. They are delicious, simple and nourishing. Over decades udon have developed into an important daily ritual, served from humble, lively udon kitchens across the country.

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In an age where lives are busy and budgets are tight finding quick, nourishing, great value meals that taste good enough to keep adventurous palates interested is a constant challenge. Our purpose is to share this authentic, everyday Japanese custom with hungry diners yet to discover the goodness and pleasure of freshly prepared udon, or the uplifting energy of the bustling udon kitchen.


An Established Global Presence

The founder of Marugame (and the Toridoll group) Awata-san started the first Marugame Udon restaurant 20 years ago. His inspiration came from the traditional udon kitchens in the city of Sanuki, in the Kagawa prefecture, a place close to his heart. It took Awata-san time and effort to build Marugame into the loved brand it is nowadays, with a global presence and raving fans from Tokyo to Texas!

In the UK and Europe Marugame Udon Europe Ltd is a joint venture between Toridoll and Capdesia. Toridoll provide unrivalled expertise in Japanese cuisine and the Marugame brand; Capdesia provide hospitality expertise in UK and European markets.


Our story

Founded in 2000 in Japan

The first Marugame opened it's doors in 2000, with the first international kitchen opening in Hawaii in 2011. The brand has seen exponential growth reaching 1,250 kitchens across 27 countries in 2020. There are now ten kitchens open in the UK with many more in planning


First kitchen opened in Kakagowa, Japan


The first kitchen opened outside of Japan in Hawaii


1000 kitchens open accross 27 countries around the world


First openings in the Phillipines and mainland USA


First UK kitchen opened in Liverpool Street, London


Eight kitchens open across London


Tenth site opens in March 2023; with a further ten openings planned during the year

Discover the simple pleasures of the lively udon kitchen.

The udon factory is the first view a customer witnesses walking through the door; the udon are aged overnight and pressed, rolled, cut and boiled every 15 minutes. This means customers always get a super fresh product which is the only way to guarantee the quality Marugame has become famous for across the globe. Each customer will pick up a tray and select their dishes and watch their food made in front of their eyes. Customers move through the line to the tempura station; select any Omusubi rice ball snacks, sides and drinks before they reach the till point.


Our food philosophy is inspired by ancient Wabi Sabi principles, cherishing ‘naturalness without pretence’

That means our noodles use the simplest of traceable ingredients; wheat, water and a touch of salt. We use authentic Japanese ingredients where it counts; and local produce where we can to minimise food miles. Incredible to think that something so tasty can be so simple! Our menu is designed for broad appeal; traditional Japanese and transitional comfort dishes sit side-by-side, creating a diverse range of options to choose. We have also committed to 30% of our menu remaining vegan and 40% of main dishes under 600 calories to ensure this range is accessible to everyone who wants to try.



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Our energetic team of champions create perfect bowls of udon noodles and guarantee genuine Japanese hospitality for every one of our guests.

Our lively open kitchens mean that every action is visible, reassuring and intriguing to customers. We treat every employee with respect at all times and provide a range of benefits including clear career progression through ‘coloured belts’ from white belt to black belt; with celebrations and pay rate increases along the way.


Doing the right thing

We are constantly thinking how we can do the right thing, whether that’s for the customers, our fellow Chimu (team members) and franchise partners or the wider environment. We work with the Sustainable Restaurant Assocation, the Zero Carbon Forum and The Vegan Society. Our full CSR policy is available here:



CSR Policy

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