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Fresh Udon

All day everyday

Udon noodles are our hero product. We make them fresh throughout the day everyday from three simple ingredients; wheat, salt and water. We mix, age, roll and cut our udon dough on show in our open kitchens. Our udon are 'Sanuki style' which means they are super thick, flavourful and have a moreish 'mochi mochi' bouncy texture.

Broad Appeal

From kake to katsu

Our menu is designed to offer both authenticity through traditional dishes, and give broad appeal with a number of transitional dishes; we offer rice bowls for those not wanting udon. Alongside the comforting flavours offered by our udon range we offer a selection of tempura items fried at the counter creating crunchy-yet-juicy choices, providing contrast and variety.

Some of our favourite dishes ...

Chicken Katsu Curry Udon

The classic! Crispy fried chicken breast in panko breadcrumbs with mildly spicy curry sauce and udon


Udon in a light umami packed dashi broth. Traditional Japanese comfort food. Choose from fish or vegan broth

Salmon Teriyaki Rice

Salmon fillet with a sweet and sticky teriyaki sauce and steamed rice.

Kimchi Udon

Udon with Kimchi, cabbage, red peppers, onions, carrots and bean sprouts. Choose vegan, chicken or beef

Two Pork Tonkotsu

Udon with charsu pork, spicy miso pork mince, rich tonkotsu style soup with a soft poached onsen egg


Traditional Japanese rice snacks. Rice ball Rice with your choice of filling; spicy miso pork in a nori seaweed wrap, salmon mayo in a nori seaweed wrap, chicken in a nori seaweed wrap or wasabi flavour.


Help yourselv to tempura at the tempura bar. Choose from a selction including prawns, gyoza, pumpkin korokke, chicken karaage. We recommend a couple of pieces of tempura as a side to any dish

Personalise your dish at the help yourself condiment bar

Make your dish your own with garnishes of chilli, pickled ginger, spring onion, and much more!

Unlimited Ice Cream

Buy a bowl and help yourself to unlimited ice cream

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